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What Is Neuro-Coaching?

Mindfulness-based NeuroCoaching offers practical, easy-to-implement, yet life-changing exercises based on the most compelling evidenced-based brain research to date. These amazingly simple yet effective and powerful techniques include meditations that help reduce stress, increase productivity, encourage creative thinking, and overcome our human brain’s tendency to ruminate on negativity. Applying these techniques have increased my effectiveness as a coach and therapist and have led me to adopt a mindful lifestyle.








Tools For Mindful Living

 Mindfulness Based NeuroCoaching-Tools for Mindful Living was founded to help improve health and wellbeing with mindfulness tips and techniques because I believe life is for living.

I offer a variety of mindfulness group based events including courses, workshops meditation and mindful movement sessions based on QiGong-slow moving meditation, as well as teacher training and supervision. These are all designed to help you develop skills that you can build into your daily life to manage stress, anxiety depression chronic pain and illness.

Private one to one coaching sessions are available via Zoom or Skype.


Mindfulness is not new, it has been practiced for centuries but is experiencing a renewed relevance due to the increased pace and pressure of today’s work/life environment. Recent research has shown that increased awareness brings many benefits: reducing pain, stress, depression and anxiety as well as improving physical and mental functioning.





I invite you to create your inner sanctuary, a space of calm and stillness: your own mindful space. By incorporating simple and easy to implement strategies- based on brain science-into your everyday life, you can build that inner space. All you have to do is to intentionally create small openings to practice thought the day to experience significant benefit. The latest research shows even 60 seconds of daily practice changes the brain in powerful ways

My Story

I stumbled upon mindfulness nine years ago. Since then, I have experienced the transformative power of mindfulness practice. It has been life-changing for me, so I would like help others develop the skills needed to act and live mindfully. In order to weave mindfulness into your daily routine, it is necessary to develop strategies to intentionally pause throughout the day and apply mindfulness to your routine..




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