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Procrastination is my own worst enemy. Fanny has really helped me to stay focused and savor even small accomplishments. Little steps create giant gains in action. I’ve seen many positives in my personal and business life. Her Neuro QiGong Awareness course was great to learn how to slow down and relax. I don’t always need to be on the go. Through this course my procrastination decreased. I’m having more fun with my family. Big bonus is my business revenue has increased since working with Fanny.”

~ Kelly Swischer-Bennett

My sessions with Fanny have really had a positive impact on me in terms of thought processes. I have a very hectic work environment and finding time to refocus and get centered was not something I consciously would do. This lead to high levels of stress! Now, with Fanny’s help I am more able to take a step back, close my eyes and refocus on what’s most important and stay on track with my daily goals. She really is a source of wisdom and positive energy in my life. I would highly recommend her to friends and colleagues.”

~ Laurie Vasoli

My first NeuroCoaching session with Fanny was exceptionally relaxing. I felt grounded and a sense of peace and safety washed over me. It was constructive mentally, physically and spiritually. I am definitely looking forward to more sessions”.

~ Katelyn Stefansky

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