What is Neuro-QiGong:
Awareness Thru Movement?


It’s a unique and powerful combination of QiGong elements, mindfulness practices, brain-based strategies, and visualizations proven to promote wellness, centeredness, healing, attention and focus.

Neuro-QiGong is rooted in QiGong, ancient healing martial arts; it combines slow motion, gentle and graceful movement with directed awareness, enhanced breathing and visualization techniques. Essential for mind-body connection; brain research shows that it plays a role in pain reduction, increased focus and wellness.


The modules in this course include:

  • Fundamentals of ideal posture
  • Movements that promote wellbeing
  • Breath/movement practices
  • How to quickly put yourself into a state of mind-body connection and “flow.”


4-Weeks of Group Sessions (Meet once a week)

Price: $47

4-weeks of Group Sessions (Meet once a week)
+ 1 Private NeuroCoaching Session*


Price: $97 

4-Weeks of Group Sessions (Meet once a week)
+ 4 Private NeuroCoaching Sessions*

Price: $997

* Neuro-QiGong includes a 30minutes mindfulness based Neuro-coaching session via zoom to learn basic Neuro-techniques and brain-based strategies for stress reduction, focus, emotional resilience, etc.