Have you ever found yourself driving, going about your day, only to be flooded with negative thoughts?

You’re not alone. Our brains naturally dwell and ruminate on negativity.

The other day when I was driving, immersed in my own thoughts, I noticed the negative ones creeping up on me. Since I have been studying neuroscience, I have come to learn that negative thoughts can cause anxiety and the release of stress chemicals. Sometimes certain situations—like driving on a busy road—do not allow you to go to a quiet place to take a mindful moment to get centered. But it is possible to interrupt negative and anxious thinking by deliberately choosing which thoughts you pay attention to. It is like having a control switch: flip the switch so you can immediately interrupt and quiet down the negative chatter.

I’ve created a series of instant anchors that I can use anytime, anywhere, to interrupt the negative chatter and provide instant stress relief:

Instant Love Switch: When I am not driving my car, I practice mindfulness meditation. I visualize myself flipping on my Instant Love Switch. I practice feeling flooded with love and joy. Then, I set the intention of using my instant anchor the next time I am in a stressful situation. It works!

Neuro-Tip: Create your own instant inner anchor:

. Close your eyes and think about a person you deeply love; notice how this makes you feel. Hold that thought for 30 seconds.

. Immerse yourself in feelings of love while visualizing turning the Instant Love Switch on!

. Then, increase the volume and intensity of the feeling.

. Practice using your mental anchor in a safe environment first. Set the intention to retrieve it and use it when you are out in the world, anytime you need it. You will be able to instantly interrupt the negative chatter in your brain.


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