Are you a serial procrastinator? I used to be one too. Help is on the way.

Here’s some practical advice and tips that can help.


There is power in numbers:

A good way to get things done and avoid procrastination is to have an accountability group or partner.

I recently experimented: I enlisted a couple of colleagues who were also resisting specific tasks that were perceived as complex and were causing anxiety. I asked my colleagues to help me complete my project by becoming accountability partners, holding each other accountable by tracking the progress, and cheering each other up in the process.

It was a success. We had such a dopamine boost when completed!

I felt on top of the world and ready to take on another challenge.

Sometimes, all we need is somebody who can sit and hold the space to get a kick start on a difficult task that we must get done.

If you don’t have someone to hold you accountable, here’s another strategy to try:

There is a free group online that will help you tackle tasks that may be resisting:

** Virtual coworking space for getting anything done. It’s free, and it’s brilliant!

You can book sessions to finish daily chores or tackle more significant projects—or whatever task you are dreading and procrastinating about.

Here is the link:

Check it out and let me know what you think of it.🤫 😁

In my next newsletter, Useful Tips for Serial Procrastinators – Part 2, we will explore the root cause of procrastination (hint: it is anxiety)

We will also explore the best tools that neuroscience offers and the steps you can take to tame your procrastination habit. (If you want to tame it….It may take some inner work and a little practice- but it’s worth trying)

Love and blessings,