Best Brain Hygiene Practice: Wash, Rinse and Repeat

Research shows the best practice to cultivate a balanced brain and to stay regulated is to experience Brief Moments of Mindfulness Throughout the Day.

Let’s nurture our brains by eating healthy foods, exercising, and developing good sleeping habits, resting, and…..

Also, by Practicing Brain Hygiene:

When we experience brief moments of mindfulness throughout the day, the brain releases good neurochemicals throughout the day that allows us to maintain our inner harmony.

Here is how to start:

Set a Mindful Bell Once Each Hour, and when it rings…

Slowly and mindfully yawn at least 3 times to release any mental stress/ tension ….

and very slowly stretch or move mindfully

Noticing your breath…

 Or, if you prefer: noticing and sensing your feet for example, (or any parts in your body…. that you choose to pay attention to) 

Do it for 60 seconds. Once every working hour. Use a mindfulness bell to remind you every hour through the day.

You can adapt this exercise- depending on your activities throughout the day: Have the intention of doing a quick self-care check-in wherever you are…

Once or twice in the morning, and in the afternoon…. or when you go to the bathroom….

This exercise can help you solidify the habit of checking in with yourself, feeling balanced and self-regulated.

To your brain health!

Fanny 😎