Whoever coined the expression “develop thicker skin” was very wise. If you have never heard that expression, it usually refers to people who are overly sensitive and easily hurt by criticism.

Establishing boundaries is a crucial aspect of taking care of oneself. It enables one to set clear limits that communicate what is and isn’t acceptable to others. This, in turn, helps safeguard one’s emotional and physical space from invasion.

Additionally, having personal and internal boundaries is essential in protecting one’s inner identity and self. Imagine living in a house without doors, where anyone or anything could enter and leave at any time without permission. Stray dogs could come in and make a mess of your carpet, or a noisy neighbor could barge in and raid your fridge while watching a loud TV show in your living room late at night. This would undoubtedly be frustrating and uncomfortable.


Inner Boundaries

Sometimes we ignore our own boundaries.

For example, some of us keep pushing beyond exhaustion to complete a work assignment. But we do it so often that it becomes a pattern. We get depleted. It can lead to emotional and physical exhaustion.

We don’t always respect our own boundaries. But why?

When we experience trauma, we may develop unhealthy ways of coping that can affect our lives. For example, we may disconnect from our emotions and put up barriers to avoid getting hurt.

If we experienced trauma, chronic anxiety, or dysregulation, we may be so used to operating in survival mode that we become used to it.

Setting healthy boundaries can help us heal.


NeuroTip – Prioritize your self-care: Block in time daily for you to self-care

During your day, it is essential to make sure that you allow some time to do self-care activities within your routine. For example:

  • Awareness check-ins every hour (or every two hours):

Yawn, slowly and mindfully move, bringing your awareness to the sensations in your body, and notice how you feel.

Is your body tired? Does it feel depleted?

Then, cross both arms and give yourself a hug and send yourself love and kindness.

  • Creating Boundaries- Powerful Exercise With Visualization

Visualize an ENERGETIC shield forming around you; an imaginary energy seal that protects, blocks harmful energy and reflects it back. 

Repeat the following affirmation: This is my sacred space. No one is allowed past this point, unless I invite you in; or To creating healthy boundaries,



Fanny 😎