Don’t let your inner critic hijack your brain and suck you into a vortex of negativity. Many of us suffer unnecessarily by ruminating or repeating negative thoughts. The habit originates in what neuroscientists call the Default Mode Network (DMN)**or what popular science writers call the imagination network.

Why do we tend to repeat negative thoughts rather than positive ones? The brain is wired with a negativity bias. For survival, our ancestors had to be acutely aware of whatever might pose a threat to the environment.

That bias may have served us well when we were hunters 120,000 years ago. In modern times, however, it often causes unhealthy fixations. A cascade of stress hormones is released in the process. When stress appears chronically, it can take a devastating toll on our health.

The good news is that we can counteract this hardwired habit. We can prevent it from hijacking our thoughts. Mindfulness practice acts as an antidote; it develops the neural pathways that lead to resilience and emotional balance.

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