Mindful Cloud Gazing Plus A Neuro-Tip To Get Centered


Cloud gazing has such a soothing effect on me. 

When I was young, I spent hours mesmerized by the clouds passing by and morphing into dragons, animals, and all sorts of shapes and creatures. When you do this activity mindfully, it can be a grounding experience.

Today, I invite you to try the neuro-tip below. Practicing and trying different ways to develop your mental muscle will allow new neuropathways to form so you can become resilient. This neuro- tip will help you create a new habit and self-discipline- if you work on it.

Next time you are outdoors, set the intention to mindfully notice and observe the clouds and start incorporating your other senses into this experience.

Neuro-Tip: Flip the brain switch into “being” mode by GAZING MINDFULLY AT CLOUDS 

You can do this sitting down or standing up:


  • Yawn, and stretch very, very slowly at least three times.
  • Immerse yourself at this moment. NOTICE and pay attention to the sensations in your body.
  • Feel the gravity on the buttocks in direct contact with the chair, and visualize that part of your body sinking into the chair (melting into it). Make sure your spine is up tall against the chair.
  • Next, feel your feet touching the floor and the heaviness of gravity on your legs and feet. Visualize (and feel) your legs and feet becoming heavier and your feet melting onto the earth and starting to grow roots.
  • Now, start paying attention and noticing the clouds, their changing shapes, and their colors.
  • Become aware of any thoughts coming in and out of your consciousness without judging or reacting.
  • You should feel centered and relaxed.


You can modify this exercise by incorporating other senses:

For example: noticing the air temperature on your nostrils when you breathe; also, paying attention to how the air or breeze feels on your skin.

Can you hear any dogs barking or any other sounds or smells?

Finally, savor this sacred moment of just being- totally present.

And then, continue with your daily activities, carrying the feeling of well-being and harmony for the rest of the day.


Fanny 🙂