Cultivate Small Pockets of Joy During the Day

plus a Neuro-Tip


When something good happens in my life-whether it is something minute or a big deal- I always try to make the enjoyment of it last longer by thinking or doing certain things: such as SAVORING the feeling, and CELEBRATING whatever happened.


Sometimes I break into a happy dance!! (I try not to do this in the middle of the street, however- I would not want to risk the neighbors calling the authorities, thinking I lost my sanity)


But I always try to magnify the feeling, embody the excitement and savor the experience.


Why? Science shows that the act of mindfully savoring a positive experience is a distinct predictor of positive emotions and psychological health.


That is why, when something good happens, mindfully enjoying and savoring it, should be incorporated in our daily routine.


Follow my Neuro-Tip below to start creating small pockets of joy throughout your day.




    • Set the intention to start noticing any positive thoughts or positive feelings that you may experience during the day.


    • Take notice of any subtle pleasure that you experience throughout your day, or notice any moment when you hear something funny that lights up your heart-for example. Try harnessing its momentum and energy!


    • Yawn and mindfully stretch a couple of times.


    • Next, take it all in! Magnify it. Increase the volume! Expand it!


    • Try eliciting feelings of exhilaration, bliss and flow!


  • Feel it in each cell of your body!


Research shows that…

When we incorporate our senses, we add intensity to the experience, …so feel free to experiment moving or dancing or singing while you savor your positive feelings.

To creating and savoring many pockets of joy during your day!


Fanny 😊



Being present and enjoying it: Dispositional mindfulness and savoring the moment are distinct, interactive predictors of positive emotions and psychological health

To the power of gratitude,