A Special Invitation to Create: Are You Joining Me?


In honor of the National Stress Awareness Day, celebrated the first Wednesday in November, I invite you to take a mindful moment during the day and create a space in your day to be fully present and aware in this very moment.

I am sharing one of my favorite strategies to help you get started:

Use the following Neuro-Tip to help you relax and shift into being mode using music and movement:

1. Get yourself into a relaxed state of awareness by taking 3 deep- mindful yawns, then slowly stretch and move your body, paying attention to the body sensations and the movement


2. Next, put turn on your favorite music and focus on being present to the sensations in our body as you move super slowly to the rhythm of the music


3. Start by bringing your awareness into the body and noticing the body sensations, tension, etc.
Notice: What do you feel? Are you holding tension anywhere in your body? What is your breath like? How is your emotional state?


4. As you dance to this song, bring your attention to the sensations in your body. Move in any way that feels good.


5. Enjoy the rest of your day! You will most likely feel calmed and present and refreshed.

We all know that stress can have a serious impact on your mental clarity, decision-making skills and the overall health- especially when exposed to the stress long term.

I hope you enjoy and have fun de-stressing with this awesome Neuro-Tip!

To being fully present,

Fanny 🙂