Do Emotions Rule Your Life?

Anxiety and negative emotions can be debilitating; the brain releases stress hormones- the root cause of many illnesses that take hold in our bodies.

Do you feel stuck or paralyzed by fear?

The state of fear prevents us from taking action – It’s like driving a car with a foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. It holds us back- from achieving our goals and dreams.

Are you caught in the hamster wheel?

No matter how good your intentions are and how many times you try to accomplish a goal, do you end up self-sabotaging your goal and/or procrastinating?

The transformative power of mindfulness-based Neuro-Coaching can:

Quickly turn around your life situation to create positive outcomes.

Improve your emotional resilience so that you can quickly and easily bounce back from any stressful situation.

Effortlessly achieve your goals by getting clear on what you want to achieve and then applying brain-based strategies to release any self-doubt, resistance or unconscious blocks preventing you from attaining them.


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What my clients are saying.….

“ My first session involving the neuro-coaching was exceptionally relaxing. I felt grounded, and a sense of peace and safety washed over me. It was constructive mentally, physically and spiritually, and I look forward to more sessions with Fanny”

—Katelyn Stefansky